The Mission of the Log A Load For Kids program is to raise funds to improve children’s health through treatment, education and research at Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals.

Owen arrived 12 weeks premature with a heart valve disorder that disrupted blood flow to his lungs. CMN Hospitals helped fund equipment and tiny instruments designed for premature infants like Owen, as well as a trip to Omaha where, at 2 months old, he underwent a procedure to widen his heart valve. At 5 years old, Owen was diagnosed with Angelman syndrome, a neurogenetic disorder that affects his speech, movement and development.

Against all the odds, Owen always has a smile on his face and happily cruises through life in his orange wheelchair. He loves listening to music, laughing and clapping, and brings joy to all who meet him.

Funds In Action

Children's Miracle Network Hospitals funds help pay for respirators, isolates, monitors, and other specialized equipment for premature infants. They also helped pay expenses for the Salway family to travel to Omaha for one of Owen’s procedures.

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Name: Owen
Home: SD, USA

On July 30, 2006 Rapid City Regional Hospital hosted their annual "duck race" to benefit Children's Miracle Network Hospitals. Little did attendees know the money they were raising would be needed for a baby boy being born that same day, just a few miles away.

Owen arrived 12 weeks premature with a heart valve disorder that...(read more)

Rich Palermo


As I pen this message to you, I can't help but reflect on the aspects of what really makes each of us so successful.   Is it that unseen, but totally innate, part of each of us that makes us give our best, to be the best and succeed in what we set out to do?  Like those who sat around a table one evening who had a vision and created the Log A Load For Kids program to help the kids.

As most of you know, Log A Load For Kids has no real corporate backing, offices, or paid staff; yet the program will have raised over $35 million dollars for Children's Miracle Network Hospitals by our 25th anniversary.   What we've raised for the kids across the United States, and how we've raised it still impresses me every time I share what we've done (and what we continue to do) with others.

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